Lake Erie Shore

The Detroit Shoreway.. Making a Scene

Founded as a grassroots organization, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO) has an extensive and successful neighborhood development track record. DSCDO provides many services to neighborhood residents including community organizing; collaboration with the Federal WEED and SEED program; the Home Weatherization Program for low income families; home repair loans and technical assistance; graffiti removal, exterior painting, and vacant lot beautification; coordination of block clubs around issues of housing code enforcement and safety; coordination of education and cultural diversity programs; and economic development and storefront renovation programs aimed at revitalizing the neighborhood's commercial districts.

DSCDO partnered with Cleveland Public Theatre and Near West Theatre to create the Gordon Square Arts District, remaking Detroit Avenue from West 54th to West 78th Streets into a thriving arts district complete with galleries, boutiques, restaurants, wine bars, coffee shops, arts lofts and affordable housing. Leveraging the restoration of the Capitol Theatre, renovation of Cleveland Public Theatre, and the construction of the new Near West Theatre has led to more than 75 new businesses coming to the neighborhood since the start of the campaign and more than $500 million of investment in the neighborhood.


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Stone Mad

"I made the decision to open an Irish pub here even before the arts district concept really started to pick up steam. The architecture, the proximity to the lake, the history make this neighborhood different than any other in Cleveland.”

- Pete Leneghan, Stone Mad Pub & Restaurant

Pete Stone Mad
Niki Gillota Gypsy Bean

“I looked at a number of different communities, Gordon Square seemed to be the one with the most things going on. I like Cleveland’s neighborhoods more than the suburbs. We have a great city.”

- Niki Gillota,
owner of Gypsy Beans and Baking Co.,
on deciding where to locate her business